Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) is committed to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy. The Fair Work First criteria seek to address particular challenges in Scotland’s labour market, to make a real difference to people and their communities, business and other organisations and the economy.


Edinburgh International Film Festival commits to the following:

  • To pay at least the real Living Wage to all of our employees.
  • To provide appropriate channels for effective voice (see below) for our employees.
  • To invest in our team’s development.
  • To avoid inappropriate use of zero hours contracts.
  • To tackle the gender pay gap and create a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • To offer flexible, family-inclusive working practices in the form of a mix of office and hybrid working arrangements (we are very open to remote working for our team).
  • To offer flexible working hours to align with family life and caring commitments, fair opportunities for pay progression, sick pay and pension arrangements.
  • To oppose the practice of firing and rehiring and all unstable hiring practices.


Edinburgh International Film Festival recognises the key components of ‘Effective Voice’ as a vital element of fair work. Edinburgh International Film Festival values empowering employees’ voices and commits to the following:

  • To schedule regular staff meetings.
  • To organise staff assessment sessions.
  • To send out regular feedback requests.
  • To keep regular consultancy with external stakeholders to develop effective policy affecting our employees.


Edinburgh International Film Festival understands Opportunity allows people to access and progress in work and employment and is a crucial dimension of fair work.

Edinburgh International Film Festival is committed to ensuring equal access to work and equal opportunities at work, and will seek to ensure attitudes, behaviours, policies and practices within the organisation reflect the values set out in the organisation’s Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities Policy.


Edinburgh International Film Festival understands that security of employment, work and income are important foundations of a successful life.


Edinburgh International Film Festival recognises the benefits of offering an environment of challenge, opportunity and career development. By focusing on effective skills use, setting objectives, allowing autonomy and managing employees for growth within the organisation, Edinburgh International Film Festival will seek to create a fulfilling work environment for all workers.


Edinburgh International Film Festival is committed to treating all workers/employees with respect, irrespective of role and status. We understand that Respect is a two-way process between employers and employees, and recognise the reciprocity of the employment relationship.

We recognise individuals as dignified human beings, and recognise an individual’s standing and personal worth. We support this attitude and commitment in the organisation’s policies and through a dedication to communication, training, and through managerial and supervisory approaches to conflict resolution.

We a plan to review our approach regularly, whilst running regular reviews with staff. The policy will also be reviewed annually with the EIFF board to ensure the organisation is hitting its targets and seeking new ways to improve and remain current.

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